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This deaf bird keeper at Singapore's Jurong Bird Park has a rare gift

April 26, 2018

Razali Mohamad Habidin is a star attraction at the Jurong Bird Park in Singapore.

Habidin has a close connection with the birds under his care. It is such a rare bond that the other members of the staff here call him the bird whisperer.

Razali, who lost 80% of his hearing after he fell ill as a baby, started working at the park over 20 years ago. Today he is the deputy head avian keeper at the Jurong Bird Park, a popular tourist attraction.

Razali communicates with the birds through grunts, gestures, and body languages. He recognizes each bird by their behaviour and personalities.

Other staff members say that he has a rare way of connecting with the birds. He knows just by looking at them if they are sick.

Razali leads a large team and gives them instructions through hand gestures. He understands what his colleagues say by lip reading them.

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