63% senior citizens in Delhi slums are denied pension & old age benefits

A recent survey has revealed that that 62.6% senior citizens living in the slums of Delhi are not getting pension and other old age benefits.

The survey was done in 17 slums across Delhi by the Institute for Human Development, supported by Mahila Pragati Manch and Centre for Advocacy and Research.

Of the 2,199 elderly people contacted during the survey, only 37.3% were found to be receiving pension.

Many of the people contacted were women. Nearly 80% were widows, 2% were abandoned, while 3% were single women.

Over 400 elderly also had disabilities. However, 176 of them did not have a disability certificate and were unable to access any services.

The survey revealed that there is lack of information among slum dwellers about the various welfare schemes launched by the government.

This could be attributed to lack of education and awareness.

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