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Simon Kindleysides is world's 1st paralyzed man to finish the London Marathon

Simon Kindleysides has become the first paralysed man ever to complete the London Marathon.

Simon took over 36 hours to complete the 26.2 miles. He walked for two days in the hottest weather recorded during the London Marathon.

He has also become the fastest man in the world to complete a full marathon in a ReWalk exo-suit.

ReWalk is a exoskeleton suit and Simon wore the latest model, which is a lightweight suit.

The wearable suit was specially designed according to Simon's height and weight.

Simon was extremely happy when he reached the finish line of the marathon and was greeted by his family and friends.

Simon Kindleysides became paralyzed in 2013 due to a neurological brain condition and a brain tumor.

Through the two days of the marathon walk, Simon received support from the audience.

This motivated him to keep going and he has created history with his strong will and strength of mind.

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