Shocking report reveals how blind elephants used for tourist rides in Rajasthan fort

Elephants are one of the most abused animals on earth. A recent report by the Animal Welfare Board of India and People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) revealed shocking facts about plight of these gentle beasts.

The report says that the elephants used for tourist rides in Rajasthan's Amber Fort are either blind or have tuberculosis. Most of them have bruised footpads as well. They are not given enough food or water either.

More than 100 elephants are used for tourist rides here. When authorities conducted a test, it was revealed that all of them had some kind of ailment. Many were undergoing psychological problems as well.

Amber Fort is one of the most popular historical places in Rajasthan. Thousands of tourists visit the fort every day. The elephants are used for tourist rides and for parading around the fort. Their welfare is not taken into account by the owners or the local authorities.

Tusks of 47 elephants were also missing. Animal activists suspect that the tusks have been used for illegal ivory trade.

The elephants are owned privately. But all of them are registered with the government.

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