Learn more about the lesser known characteristics of autism

Autism is a disorder that affects children from a young age. Children and adults with autism react differently. Many of them have difficulty with social skills, communication skills and may show repetitive behaviour.

Here are a few traits among people with autism that are not so well-known:

  • Inappropriate laughing or giggling - This is often caused due to lack of communication skills, difficulty in judging and sensory sensitivity. Children enjoy laughing, but kids with autism will be often seen laughing repeatedly. They may do this to show that they want something or to get attention.
  • Fearless towards danger - Children with autism tend to focus on one thing. For instance if they see a butterfly and want to get away from it, they will run. But while running, they will not look at the surroundings. This can put them in danger.
  • Deep compassion and empathy towards others - Children with autism are often hurt by situations and find it difficult to deal with certain situations. They do not know how to react towards many things.
  • Love for animals - Animals are not judgemental. They provide unconditional love. Children with autism often bond with animals better than they do with other people.
  • Lack of personal space - Children with autism do not understand what personal space means. They may not understand societal behaviours. Hence, they behave alike in any situation. They do not know what a socially acceptable behaviour is.

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