Regular exercise lowers risk of depression, says new study

Are you someone who exercises or works out regularly? Then you have some good news. You are physically and mentally healthy! A recent study says that people who exercise regularly have lesser chances of being depressed.

The study was conducted on more than a million people from across the world. Researchers conducted this study on those who engaged in physical activities regularly. They wanted to know how physical activity can help in maintaining a good mental health.

The study said that people who are engaged in less physical activities have a higher chance of being depressed. Researchers assert on the importance of daily physical activity in order to have a generation with no mental illnesses.

Factors like smoking, lifestyle changes and body mass index also plays a crucial role in the health of a person. These factors lead the person to have a lower lifespan when compared to others.

Hence, regular exercise or work outs and healthy eating is very important to maintain a good life.

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