Indian scientists to use artificial intelligence to detect onset of Alzheimer’s

A group of scientists from India are all set to make a new invention in the field of medical science. They are going to use Artificial Intelligence (AI) in order to predict onset of Alzheimer’s in a person. Alzheimer’s is a condition that affects the elderly.

This brain disorder leads to memory loss. The group of scientists are gearing up to get the help of computers to detect Alzheimer’s at an early stage. If Alzheimer's is detected early, patients can get better medical help and care.

Professor Pravat Mandal and his team are researching more on this. They are developing a modal for this purpose. This will help to understand more about the different regions of the brain. It will give a better insight into the healthy regions of the brain.

Mandal says that many studies have been conducted on Alzheimer’s disease. But the exact casual process of how it occurs is not understood. With the help of AI, Alzheimer’s can be detected early.

The researchers will use previous data research studies along with new ones. This will help in creating the AI which will be of great help in detection of Alzheimer’s.

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