Blind railway employee cheated of lakhs by neighbour, police refuse to lodge FIR

Ameen Khan, a blind Northern Railways employee, is struggling for justice after he was cheated by his neighbour.

Khan and his wife, who is also blind, have a six-year-old son. They are struggling to get an FIR registered after he was allegedly duped of over Rs five lakh by one of his neighbours. The neighbour had borrowed money from him on the excuse of using it for his daughter's wedding.

Khan says that the police have not registered an FIR despite receiving the complaint.

Khan says that he was approached by an acquaintance who asked for financial help to marry off his daughter. He agreed to help him if he drew up a formal contract.

He asked someone he trusted to be a witness in the matter. Khan, who is a sanitation worker, loaned him Rs 2.4 lakh to begin with.

A week later, he was approached by the same person again for money, this time for medical reasons. Khan agreed to give him Rs three lakh and a contract was signed.

However, a few months ago, the person ran away from the area with his family and the money. Khan says he registered a complaint, but no FIR has been filed.

Police say they are investigating the matter.

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