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5 things to remember when interacting with a person on wheelchair

April 28, 2018

Do you know someone who is on a wheelchair? Then these 5 tips will be of help to you. Being disabled does not mean that the person does not understand the normal human behaviour. When you interact with someone on a wheelchair, be normal. Disabled people do not need sympathies. They are just as smart as you or me!

Be patient

Disabled people are capable of achieving things. They might not achieve it like how an abled person does. They do it differently. Disabled people might take time to learn new things. Being patient is the best way to befriend them.

Watch what you talk

Knowing what you talk to them is very important. Do not use demeaning words and sympathetic sentences. No one likes to be sympathised! Physical challenges have nothing to do with a person's intelligence. It is all about the effort that you take to listen to what the other person is saying.

Use appropriate tones

Disabled people like to be talked to them! They do not appreciate talking down to them. Make an eye contact when you interact. Do not talk to them like how you would talk to a child. A disabled person can often find that extremely demeaning.

Do not stare at the wheelchair!

Want to ask a person on wheelchair something? Go and ask them. Do not stand in a corner and stare at them. No human being likes to be stalked or stared! Curiosity is fine. But know your limits.

Treat everyone with respect

This is the golden rule. Treat every person the way you want them to treat you back!

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