Over-use of heartburn drugs cause pneumonia in elderly

Are you a senior citizen who has heartburns and stomach ulcers? Do you take excessive medications for controlling stomach acid? Then you have a risk of pneumonia.

These medicines to control acids are called Proton Pump Inhibitors (PPIs). They are not very harmful. However, when used excessively, they can be fatal especially for people over the age of 60 years.

There is a high risk of pneumonia in patients who have been using these medicines for two years and more.

Studies say that around 40% of the elderly population uses PPI. However, 85% of them do not need to use it. They use it without proper instructions from doctors. This can be very dangerous and affects the healthy functioning of the body.

Excessive use of PPI can also lead to fractures, cardiovascular disease, and some bacterial infections.

Earlier, PPI were thought to be safe. But this new study has thrown light on its negative effects. Researchers say that patients need not stop using PPI. However they must talk to their physician and ensure that they take it in safe amounts. Stopping PPI immediately can be dangerous as well.

The study was done on more than 75,000 senior citizens. All of them were 60 years and above.

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