Some rules regarding ticket cancellation & refund at Indian Railways

Change of plans or other circumstances can lead to cancellation of train tickets.

There are some rules that have been set up by the Indian Railways for cancellation of tickets and the issuing of refund.

If you are worried about getting a refund on the cancelled ticket, here is some information.

• If the ticket is cancelled within a set amount of time, then the refund would be made across the PRS counter.

• If the passenger has cancelled the train ticket through IRCTC website or 139 then the refund amount can be collected from the reservation counter.

• To avail the refund, passenger must surrender the original journey ticket within the given time duration.

• For tickets cancelled online, the refund is initiated shortly and the amount is credited to the passenger’s bank account within a duration of 5 days.

• For ticket cancelled from the counter, the refund amount will be paid across the counter within 7 days.

• In case the passenger is not able to reach the reservation counter within the given duration of time, passenger can file Ticket Deposit Receipt – TDR within 3 days and this will allow them to apply to CCM for fare refund.

In TDR cases, refund is granted within 90 days.

This is applicable in situations like bandhs, floods, etc that might cause the delay.

• In case a confirmed tatkal ticket is cancelled, no refund will be given.

• An e-ticket cannot be cancelled once the reservation chart has been prepared.

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