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This company introduces a new alternative for Braille!

May 2, 2018

Andrew Chepitis and his team of researchers are creating something unique for the blind. They have created ELIA, which is the world's most intuitive tactile reading system that is inclusive and accessible.

It has been more than 200 years since Braille was invented by its founder Louis Braille. Chepitis believes it is high time that something more technological comes into the market. Moreover, only 10% of blind people know how to read Braille.

Chepitis decided to bring the tactile learning system into practice to help more people. This new system will use curves and lines to reach alphabets to blind people. Their font will be bigger than Braille letters. The space between letters will also be expanded.

Usually, it is people who are born blind who learn Braille. Those who lose sight later on in life, either due to an illness or in an accident, do not learn the language. Unless a blind person knows to read Braille, it is very hard for them to be educated or employed.

Braille was created on paper. Chepitis says that it is because only paper was the available option. Times have changed. Technology is much more advanced. Hence, blind people must also have access to it.

Chepitis and his team have been researching on this for more than 20 years. They are all set to bring out their new creation for the blind soon!

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