Deaf Uber driver’s sign about his disability goes viral on social media

A deaf Uber driver has put up a sign inside his vehicle telling passengers about his disability. The sign was shared on the social media and the post went viral.

The deaf Uber driver is Onur Kerey, who is based in London.

Recently his passenger was a 20-year-old model from London who had a memorable experience on the ride.

Milkie the passenger shared the photo of a sign that Kerey put up inside the car to tell passengers about his disability.

The sign very modestly tells that Kerey is deaf and passengers can communicate with him by text or writing on a notepad.

The sign also asks passengers to play music of their choice in the cab using the AUX cable.

Kerey says that he wanted the passengers to know that he is deaf to avoid any misunderstandings about communication.

The social media post was widely shared and it has helped raise awareness about deaf people the society.

Many people have expressed that this highlights the need for learning sign language to break communication barriers with disabled people.

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