Red wine is harmful for skin, says new study

Are you someone who loves sipping a glass of red wine regularly? Well this new study should give you something to think about.

The study says that red wine is extremely harmful for the skin, if you drink more than a moderate amount.

Doctors are now asking people to keep a check on how much red wine they are drinking. This is because an excess can lead to different types of illnesses. These includes dementia, cancer, depression, and heart problems.

According to experts, red wine can cause flushing, redness, and blotchy skin. The sugar content leads to acne, dull skin, and blood shot eyes.

Sugar in the wine over loads the liver. This in turn, is converted into fast that is hard to burn. This combines with the dead cells under the skin layer which clogs pores. The oil produced by the skin will be trapped causing acne.

Consuming red wine in moderate levels and drinking lots of water the next day are some of the solutions.

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