How to feel happy!

Happiness is a state of mind when there is a feeling of wellbeing. Stress and pressure of daily life can take away moments of happiness and cause sadness and depression.

Here are simple tips to help you feel happy even if things are not going as per plan.

  1. The first step is to reduce stress. The main reason for stress is not being able to manage time properly. The pressure of reaching goals and targets or even daily chores can cause stress. Take one thing at a time. Go easy on yourself. You are not Superman!!

  2. Try and take some time out for humor. The best way to do this is to be able to laugh whenever possible. Read a funny story or joke when you feel stressed. Watching a comic movie or a stand-up comedy show is also fun. Laughter is the best therapy!

  3. Do some activity that makes you feel happy. It could be reading, writing, listening to music, or dancing. Doing something creative will help you feel better and keep your mind too busy to think sad thoughts.

  4. Think of yourself in positive terms. Boost your morale with positive words and thoughts. A high self-esteem is key to feeling good about yourself. Think of yourself as the Star!

  5. Eat healthy as this is vital for good mental and physical health!

  6. Exercising also increases happiness. Not only does it keep you in shape, the chemical released in the brain while exercising, called dopamine, makes you feel happier.

  7. Accept that not everything cannot be controlled in life. Sometimes things happen for a reason and you can try to go with the flow.

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