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Tips for education of students with special needs

Children with special needs require a modified environment for learning and studying.

Teachers for special needs children are given specific training as special educators.

Here are some ideas for teachers to make learning fun and convenient for students with special needs.

  1. Classroom should be free of distractions. The learning area should be properly organized and systematic. Everything should be clearly labeled and kept at a fixed and proper place.

  2. Students should be made to sit in a particular seat to maintain a routine. If the child gets easily distracted, keep the seat away from windows and doors.

  3. Break time should also be scheduled and fixed.

  4. When moving from one activity to other, a short song or music can be played in between. This helps children adjust to the change in topic and also have a little fun. Singing a song also helps them to learn sounds and voices.

  5. Give smaller and clearer instructions to children with special needs. Long and complex instructions can be difficult to understand.

  6. Give an instruction and wait for the students to complete the task you have assigned before giving the next instruction.

  7. Use various mediums for giving information to the students. Use of audio, video, and physical mediums can be made to make learning fun and diverse.

  8. The children may not do well in all aspects of an education program due to their limitations. The course structure should be designed according to individual needs. This will ensure that students complete their program successfully. "

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