Pakistan hosted its 1st inclusive music concert for deaf

Pakistan hosted its first ever music concert that was inclusive for people who are deaf and hard of hearing.

The concert featured the famous pop music band Strings.

The concert was held at Habib University and was a huge hit for the audience.

Habib University and startup ConnectHear organized the music concert which was attended by around 300 deaf people.

ConnectHear has been working in the field of breaking barriers of communication between deaf people and society.

The event was made accessible with the help of sign language interpreters.

The interpreters worked on the lyrics and the music was arranged in a way to ensure that the audience could feel the bass and enjoy the concert.

ConnectHear is also developing a software that can be used to convert any audio into sign language.

Strings is also celebrating their 30-year anniversary with their album titled, 30.

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