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Some ideas to ensure safety of kids with autism

April 30, 2018

Parents of children with autism are always worried about their safety. The children are not always very communicative and can wander off alone and get lost.

Here are some ideas to ensure the safety of children with autism.

- Be prepared for an emergency situation such as a child wandering off or getting lost in a crowded place.

- To avoid an incident from happening certain safety measures can be taken.

  1. Ensure the door lock and bolts are in working condition and out of the reach of the child.

  2. Install an alarm system that can alert you about opening or closing of doors.

  3. When going out, keep the child close and advise them about not going away from you.

- Create a list of the latest information of the child that can be share in case the child wanders off. You can keep a flyer handy that can be used in such situations and carries the following information.

  1. Latest photo of the child

  2. Weight and height description

  3. Your name, address and telephone number

Keep this document handy.

- Alert your neighbours and keep them informed about the needs of your child so that they can also stay alert and notice if the child is seen alone.

- Teaching swimming to your child will help him stay safe near water bodies.

- Invest in a tracking device. There are lots of wearable option available in the market currently. The device can be used to track the location of the child, some wearables can also be used to make or receive calls.

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