Home remedies for softer hands

Clean, soft hands are part of a good personality.

Getting a professional manicure is one way to get good-looking hands for men and women.

However, if you do not have time for a manicure, there are home remedies that can be used to make hands softer.

Here are some ideas for soft hands using home remedies.

  1. Using sugar scrub to exfoliate hands

Deposits of dead skin cells can make hands rough and cracked. It is important to remove the layers of dead skin cells by exfoliation.

Take a spoonful of powdered sugar and add a spoon of olive or coconut oil to it. Apply the mixture on palms and rub it all over hands. Afterwards rinse with water.

  1. An effective solution for soft supple hands can be made at home with three common ingredients. Mix a tablespoon of glycerin and an equal amount of rosewater. Add juice of one lemon to this and mix well.

    This mixture should be applied on clean hands at night and in the morning, it can be stored in a bottle for use over next few days.

  2. Applying almond oil on hands can also help them become soft. The vitamin E in almond oil will help heal cracked skin and remove roughness.

  3. Take a slice of lemon and add little sugar to it. Rub it on your hands till they become softer.

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