Disability rights group demand for special court in Tamil Nadu to demand speedy justice

The Disability Rights Alliance (DRA), which is a coalition of independent, community-based organizations, has asked authorities to speed up the process of setting up a special court to ensure swift trial in cases relating to people with disabilities.

This is under Section 84 of The Rights of Persons with Disabilities Act, 2016.

The DRA says that people with disabilities face many issues on a daily basis. They are subject to discrimination in many aspects like education, health care, jobs, and in their personal lives.

Women with disabilities face the additional risk of sexual violence and abuse. Many women with disabilities are abused within institutions like hospitals and shelter homes as well.

A recent study by Human Rights Watch among 128 cases of institutional abuse revealed that none of the women or girls were able to get justice in cases of abuse within the institution. Many of them were unaware that there were legal measures they could take.

The DRA has demanded for a special court in all districts of Tamil Nadu. This will ensure accessible facilities for people with disabilities and further awareness.

Some experts have suggested that the Tamil Nadu government could frame a separate rule so that these cases can be taken up in any court so disabled people don't face issues with access.

The DRA says it is likely that the special courts would be constituted soon.

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