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Sign-to-speech smart glove, BrightSign, a potential game changer for people with speech disabilities

BrightSign is a smart glove that empowers people with speech disabilities to communicate easily. When it launches, it will be available at a fraction of what other high-end assistive devices cost in the market.

The smart sensors in BrightSign are embedded in a thin transparent glove that can be worn inside many kinds of outer gloves. The hardware comes packaged in a slim wristband

It can be used by children in school or at a park to communicate with other non-signing children. It can also be used by adults, and by hospitals, airports and other public bodies that don't always have a sign expert available.

There are 70 million people in the world who use sign language as their primary language. Only 1.4 million have access to expensive sign language education and assistive technology. This makes BrightSign a potential gamechanger.

The founder Hadeel Ayoub is looking to raise US$1.4 million to release BrightSign this year.

She wants people to enable people to become independent and have two-way communication while maintaining eye contact.

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