Almonds can reduce risk of cardiovascular diseases, says new study

Do you love munching on almonds? Continue with the good habit!

A recent study claims that consuming almonds on a daily basis will reduce risk of cardiovascular diseases. This is particularly good news for India, which reports the largest number of deaths due to cardiovascular diseases.

The study says that regular intake of almonds reduces the risk of Dyslipidemia. This is one of the most common cardiovascular diseases seen amongst Indians.

Eating almonds in any form is good for the body. They can be eaten wholly, crushed, or even as a snack. Experts say that eating 45 grams of almonds a day will help a person stay healthy. The nutrient content in almonds are extremely beneficial for healthy body functioning.

Indians are more prone to cardiovascular diseases as compared to Europeans. In South East Asia, India reports the most number of cases of people with heart conditions.

28% of deaths in India are due to cardiovascular diseases. Indians usually have elevated levels of harmful LDL cholesterol and triglycerides. They have lower levels of beneficial HDL cholesterol in their bodies.

So now there is one more reason to relish this tasty nut!

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