Young Mia Austin who is paralyzed from neck down writes book using her eyes!

29-year-old Mia Austin has been unable to speak after she suffered a stroke. She has written a book about being trapped in her own body using just her eyes.

Mia can communicate only through by using her eye movement and a spelling chart after she had a stroke at the age of 21.

Doctors said Mia had an extremely rare condition called locked in syndrome. Doctors described the condition as the closest thing to being buried alive.

Mia, who is from the United Kingdom, was left paralyzed from the neck down and has to be fed through a tube.

Her book, which is titled In the blink of an eye, describes her experiences coping with her condition.

Doctors told Mia's family that she might not survive after she was put on a life support machine after the stroke.

However, as they were preparing to switch off the machine, Mia opened her eyes. Doctors realized that even though she is completely immobile, she can still see, hear, and think as normal.

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