Father drags mother to court for abandoning baby with Erb's Palsy

In a tragic case, a four-month old girl in Delhi, who has Erb's Palsy, has been abandoned by her mother, while her father is running around trying to make sure his estranged wife breast-feeds the baby her medicines.

According to baby's doctor, the medicines have to be given to the baby only through the mother's milk and not orally.

Erb’s palsy is the paralysis of the arm caused by an injury to its main nerves. It happens during a difficult delivery.

The baby girl was apparently abandoned by the mother when she was two months old. Her father has tried to re-unite with the mother but has not succeeded. There is an ugly court fight going on between the couple.

The husband had moved the Delhi High Court with a petition to trace his missing spouse. He says he has no idea where she is.

When the woman later appeared in the High Court, she refused to join him or take the child’s custody for three months to give her the medicines. She told the court she was allergic to the medicines which needed to be given to the child through breast-feeding.

The baby's father, who is a lawyer, has now approached another court for legal action against his wife for abandoning the child.

The child was born in December 2017 and has partial paralysis in her left arm. Doctors have advised certain precautions, medicines and exercises.

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