86-year-old woman raises money for shelter for elderly poor in Bengaluru through crowd-funding

Saroja Banappa, an 86-year-old woman in Bengaluru has raised Rs 13 lakh through crowd-funding to build a full-fledged facility for elderly women in Malleswaram.

She has no plans to rest, Saroja is all set to raise more funds to build another old-age home.

Saroja felt the need after she saw the number of elderly women who were abandoned by their families. They had no one to turn to in their old age.

She managed to get a plot in Banashankari in 2012 through the efforts of an NGO. But the money quoted for construction was almost Rs four crore, which was beyond her means.

Saroja tried to raise money through donations but that was not enough. So she turned to crowd-funding platform MIlaap for help. People contributed Rs 13 lakh through this platform.

There are 26 rooms in Banashankari with separate dormitories for men and women. Apart from Saroja, the staffers include helpers and counsellors.

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