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Blink To Speak enables people with paralysis to communicate

To help the millions of people with paralysis who have difficulty in communicating, TBWA India has created Blink To Speak. This is an eye language created for patients who have an alert mind but a paralyzed body.

An estimated 60 million patients in the world live with conditions like spinal spinal cord injuries, brain strokes, and partial paralysis. One of their biggest battles against these disorders is the act of communication.

Some of the current methods of communication are tedious. Others are unaffordable to most.

Patients struggle to communicate with families and caregivers even though their minds are alert.

Blink To Speak uses 50 basic eye movements to build an extensive eye language. Simple messages needed most commonly by patients have been assigned to basic combinations of eye movements.

An easy to use set of eye actions using eight alphabets of the eye language have been used - Shut, Blink, Left, Right, Up, Down, Roll and Wink.

Developers say that people can learn the language within three months depending on their health condition. They can even notify their family about any danger or emergency.

The aim was to create an affordable and practical assistive tool for paralyzed patients to communicate. Developers say this is likely to be the world's first Eye Language. They hope to make it widely available for patients and their caregivers.

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