Internet and calls on air soon to become a reality

Ever wished you could access your internet and calls while on a flight? This will soon come true. The government has given a go-ahead to telecom companies for flyers to use internet and calls while on Indian skies. The connectivity will be provided once the flight reaches 3,000 metres above ground.

The had given an approval to the proposal in January 2017. Telecom companies are working on how to implement various plans and packages for users.

Officials say that tariffs will be much higher than those available when on ground. Most of the telecom companies provide cheap packages for customers. But while on air, the tariffs will be available only at a higher cost.

Many international flights offer connectivity inside the flight after they cross Indian skies. Etihad, Qatar Airways, Lufthansa, and Singapore Airlines are some of them. Once the clearance comes through, they will offer connectivity in Indian skies as well.

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