Travel turns a nightmare for elderly & disabled at Bengaluru railway station

Travellers who enter Bengaluru Cantonment Railway Station have to undergo quite an ordeal. Being one of the oldest railway stations in India, it lacks basic facilities like a lift and an escalator.

Bengaluru Cantonment station even lacks a trolley path unlike many railway stations in India. It makes travel more difficult for disabled people and the elderly.

Cantonment railway station is host to more than 125 trains that passes by every day. At least 25,000 people use the station on a regular basis. The numbers go up during weekends. There are just two platforms in the station. The only connectivity between them is a foot overbridge!

The steep stairs of the over bridge makes mobility extremely difficult for disabled people and the elderly, especially those with heavy luggage. Most of them are forced to jump down the tracks or cross tracks to reach the other platform.

A railway employee said that they have been stressing on the need for trolley paths since years. But the railway officials have not paid any heed to their demand.

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