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Ford Motors has car windows for blind people to enjoy the view while travelling

Ford Motors has created an amazing piece of technology.

The technology is called Feel the View and it allows blind or visually impaired to enjoy the view around them while traveling in a car.

The technology has been created in Italy with the communications agency GTB Roma and a start-up called Aedo. Aedo specializes in devices for visually impaired people.

Feel the View is currently a prototype. It takes pictures and turns them into high-contrast grayscale images.

The car's side window glass then reproduces these images so blind and visually impaired riders can feel the scenery via touch.

There are different shades of grey that respond with 255 different intensities to help paint a picture for a blind or visually impaired person's mind. There is also an extra feature that describes the image by voice for greater clarity.

There is no information about when the device would be available in the market or the cost.

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