Children raised in rural areas with pets have better mental health, says study

Do you live in a rural place? Then your children are quite lucky!

A recent study has shown that children raised in a rural environment have better mental health than those who live in urban areas. Most of the children in rural areas are exposed to pets and bacteria. This in turn benefits their mental health.

Experts say that previous studies have shown how children who grow up with pets have stronger and better mental such children also have a reduced risk of asthma and other allergies later on in life.

Researchers conducted the study on 40 healthy German men. While 20 of them were from rural areas, the other 20 were raised in urban areas. The ones in rural areas grew up with pets and the other 20 did not have any exposure to pets.

All of them were asked to give a speech in front of an expressionless audience. They were later asked to solve a difficult math problem as well. Their blood and saliva were taken immediately after the speech and tests.

Children from urban areas had a higher exaggerated inflammatory response when compared to the others. This can cause many mental illnesses like depression and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Results also showed that children who were raised in urban areas showed higher levels of stress. It was lesser in those from rural areas.

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