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Software that allows blind people to see data uniquely

SAS is a company based in North Carolina in USA that has developed a new software to help blind users see data in a unique way.

The senior manager at SAS, Ed Summers has degenerative retinal disease which is the leading causing of blindness across the world in people of old age.

Summers is involved in the development of the software that will allow the visually impaired people to see data on a graph or chart.

The software is called the SAS Graphics Accelerator.

The software is a browser plugin and it scans a graph or chart and changes the low values to low piano notes, and high values to high musical notes.

A browser plugin increases the functionality of a web browser.

The makers at SAS are hoping that the software will be useful for blind people in various fields such as office workers, students and data scientists.

SAS Graphics Accelerator is available for free for use as a browser plugin.

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