Jaipur doctors worried about rise of air pollution in the city

Recently, the World Health Organization had released a report of world’s most polluted cities. More than 15 Indian cities are there in the list. Jaipur in Rajasthan is one amongst them. A group of doctors from Jaipur came together to express their concern over the impact of air pollution on humans.

All the doctors equally agreed that there have been a rising number of people with respiratory infections over the past few years in Jaipur. Doctors have asked Rajasthan state government to take quick action before it is too late!

Dr Ashok Gupta is a doctor with the JK Lon Hospital. He said that children are the ones who are more prone to lung problems due to air pollution. They also get cardiac issues and other skin problems. This is because children have a higher breathing rate when compared to adults.

Some of the common diseases are allergic rhinitis, asthma, pneumonia and chronic cough. Those who indulge in physical exercises at urban areas get infected easily.

Experts asked people in the city to be more careful. Burning fuel more efficiently and reducing air pollutants indoors can bring some change for the betterment.

Pregnant women, senior citizens and youngsters also falls prey to air pollution.

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