Mumbaikar Priti Shetty highlights need to make Mumbai toilets accessible

32-year-old Priti Shetty is a the head of digital marketing at a financial firm in Mumbai. She is also the co-founder of Wills On Wheels (WOW), which an initiative for disabled people.

Shetty, who has lived in Mumbai all her life, says public toilets in Mumbai city are simply not accessible for disabled people. This is true for public toilets in prominent areas as well.

Priti has spinal cord muscular atrophy and uses a wheelchair. She says the lack of accessible toilets makes it hard for her to get around.

Shetty says she has to plan her day well in advance given the lack of accessible public toilets. When she does step out of the house, it can only be for a few hours.

Most disabled people in Mumbai have the same story to share. They are forced to use adult diapers or limit their travel to just a few hours.

Shetty has demanded that concerned authorities take quick action and put up basic facilities like wheelchair ramps. She says they have to follow the protocols and guidelines laid down for disabled people.

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