Responsible Tourism Mission to make Kerala an accessible tourist destination

In order to make Kerala a completely accessible destination for the disabled people, Responsible Tourism Mission - RTM is planning a new strategy.

All the major tourism destinations in Kerala will undergo an expert analysis.

This expert analysis will help to better understand the current accessibility level of the places.

The information will then be used to make alterations and modifications that are needed to make the destinations accessible for people with disabilities who will visit them.

The first step will be a workshop that will be held in Thiruvananthapuram to call for feedback and ideas that can be used to make accessible tourist destinations.

The process will also include an audit of few selected tourism spots in the first week of May.

This will be done to understand whether destinations need modifications in existing facilities or new construction work is required.

Accessible public transportation in the locality of the tourist spots and accessible public toilets will also be a part of the development program.

1,000 accommodations across the state will also be accessible for the disabled people.

To do this RTM will contact lodges and resorts and ask them to improve their infrastructure and make them disabled friendly.

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