Children with autism are able to create imaginary friends, says new study

A recent study has shown that children with autism are capable of making imaginary friends! The study says that having such imaginary friends are good for the child as it helps in developing social skills and empathy towards others.

Most of the times, children with autism creates an imaginary friend from an object, mostly a doll. The study asserts that autistic children do not play and react to their imaginary friends like how normal children do.

Autistic children often have difficulty in social skills and communication. Hence, the imaginary friend is important to them. The child gets to involve in a range of social activities with the imaginary friend. This is exactly what a child with autism needs!

Researchers are doing further studies to know how an imaginary friend impacts children with autism and adults with autism as well.

Before, researchers had said that children with autism are not capable of making imaginary friends. But the latest study by a group of researchers at the University of Huddersfield proves otherwise. The research was published in the ‘Journal of Autism and Developmental Disorders’.

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