Indian wheelchair cricket team aims for trophy at bilateral cricket series in Dhaka

The Indian wheelchair cricket team is gearing up to reach heights. With utmost willpower and passion for the game, these young men are determined to make India proud! The team is getting ready to play in a bilateral international wheelchair cricket series. The match will start on 4 May and end on 8 May. The team has already left to Dhaka in Bangladesh to play the series!

The Indian wheelchair cricket team has 14 players from different parts of the country. The wheelchair cricket team was first started by international para-athlete Pradeep Raj in 2011. Raj says that there are many obstructions in their path. The main one being lack of support from the government. Lack of funds is another hindrance to their game. But Raj is confident that wheelchair cricket will be just as popular as Paralympics in India.

The team members had written to many organizations and sportsmen. But only Sachin Tendulkar replied back. Raj says that Tendulkar praised the team members and gave them a lot of confidence!

Abhai Pratap Singh is the Vice-Captain of the Indian wheelchair cricket team. He is paralysed waist-down after he met with an accident in 2009. He though that his world had come to an end. But there was much more in store for him. Abhai says that wheelchair cricket gave him confidence and made him a stronger man!

The team members know that their road ahead is going to be tough. But that does not dampen their spirits. They are going to do their best and help more disabled people to come out of their homes to play cricket!

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