Some vastu tips for increasing wealth!

Vastu Shastra is a traditional Hindu system of architecture. Vastu tips can keep negativity out of a place and increase good health and prosperity.

Here are some simple Vastu tips that may increase your wealth and prosperity.

  1. A clean and beautiful entrance is ideal for bringing peace and prosperity in the house. North or east direction is considered ideal for an entrance gate. Do not leave footwear around the main door of the house, as this may block the flow of positive energy.

  2. Bedroom should always have fresh air and remain clean. Keep the windows open for at least 20 minutes every day to let fresh air in.

  3. A Buddha statue symbolizes peace and harmony and is also an excellent décor element.

  4. Painting of a waterfall, a goldfish or a flowing river can bring in wealth.

  5. The sound of windchimes are known to bring money into your home. Hang a windchime at the entrance. Hanging windchimes at the bathroom entrance to prevent wealth from draining out. Avoid hanging windchimes over head or where you sleep. This may bring negativity in life.

  6. Money plant can be placed indoors and is known to bring prosperity and good luck to your home.

  7. Keep an aquarium at home to bring wealth. Constant movement of fish is known to keep the energy of wealth moving in.

  8. Make sure that all clocks in your house are in working condition as stopped clock is bad energy.

  9. Birds are believed to be the symbol harmony, wealth and joy. It is auspicious to feed birds.

  10. Purple color symbolizes wealth. Keeping purple plants like Orchids or purple-coloured pots indoor bring a lot of positivity.

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