Young disabled Chinese woman uses her online fame to create social change

Yang Li, a young office worker in China, has a huge following in China. Which is not surprising given how this 28-year-old has not allowed her disability to get in the way of leading a normal life

Yang lost her arms in an electrical accident when she was a child. Her arms were totally amputated, leaving no chance of prosthetics. But her tough attitude has made her a topic of national interest in China and a symbol of pride for disabled people.

Yang uploaded her first two videos on Kuaishou, which is a short-video platform in China, in July 2017. In the video she uses her right foot to wield a large set of tweezers and raise good to her mouth in a smooth gesture.

She put the video online for fun and by the end of the day, she had 50,000 followers. The response left her overwhelmed.

Yang started uploading more clips of routine activities that showed her using her feet and toes to brush her teeth (4.4 million views), open a fridge to take out grapes (2.9 million views), wash dishes (3.4 million), and so on.

The videos have got her 2.6 million followers.

Yang has been compared to Stephen Hawking. Both show the positive attitude and great achievements that disabled people can make. In that sense, many believe that she is making a big difference.

Yang has transformed her audience into a small online store where she sells foodstuffs. She still works as an office assistant, but the extra income has helped improve her life.

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