Nirbhaya killers moves Supreme Court seeking life imprisonment

India is yet to recover from the brutal rape and death of medical student Nirbhaya in 2012. All the five convicts were given death sentence, except for the juvenile convict. Two of the convicts have now moved the Supreme Court seeking that their death sentence be reduced to life imprisonment on humanitarian grounds.

Convicts Vinay Sharma and Pawan Gupta appeared before a bench of justices at the Supreme Court. The justices have asked their lawyer to file a written submission.

Their lawyer says that both the convicts want to reform and lead a good life. He added that there have been many instances where convicts have changed for the good. He requested the Supreme Court to give them both a chance. He said that death sentence is against the culture of non-violence and tolerance.

Both Sharma and Gupta were sentenced to death by Supreme Court on 2 May 2017. The court said that the brutal, barbaric and diabolic nature of the crime shook the conscience of humanity and the culprits deserved extreme punishment.

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