Parents of newborns who are less educated at a higher risk of depression

A recent study says that parents of newborn babies, who are less educated, are at a higher risk of depression. It is seen more in young parents who have to care for more than one child. Parents start showing symptoms of depression once the new born is discharged from the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU).

The team of researchers conducted study on parents of newborns who are graduates and those that are not. They checked which group shows more symptoms of depression over the other.

Researchers say that at least 40% of parents showed symptoms of depression. But good news is that, many have come out of it. While some take six months to deal with depression, others take a longer time.

Experts say that the study has thrown light on the importance of taking care of mental health post pregnancy. Women who just delivered a baby must ensure that they get a maternal care provider. They must also undergo screening for postpartum depression and anxiety, at least 12 weeks after the birth of the baby.

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