Side effects of eating too many tomatoes!

Tomatoes are used very commonly in our food. It is used to add tangy flavour and volume to curries and color and taste to salads.

Tomatoes are acidic in nature and eating too much has serious side effects.

Here is some more information.

  1. Tomatoes are rich in malic acid and citric acid and too much of these can make the stomach acidic. This can result in heart burn or acid reflux.

  2. Using too much tomato can lead to kidney stones in the body. Tomatoes are rich in calcium and oxalate, and these settle down and form stones in Kidneys.

  3. Tomato consumption can also lead to pain and swelling in the joints.

  4. Tomatoes maybe carry the bacterium salmonella, this may result in diarrhoea. However, this is very rare and is only caused in people with weak tolerance for tomatoes.

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