Healthy tips for pasta that help in weight loss

Pasta is an easy-to-cook meal. It takes little time and minimum fuss.

However, pasta is not a healthy option as it contains a lot of calories. So if you are trying to lose weight, most dieticians will tell you to stay away from pasta.

Don’t lose heart! A few simple ideas can give a healthy twist to your pasta and you eat it even on a weight-loss diet.

  1. Choose pasta that is made of wheat flour, not maida or refined flour.

  2. Add a lot of fresh vegetables to the pasta to make it nutritious.

  3. When serving pasta with meat, use lighter and lean meat instead of red meat.

  4. Avoid using white sauce as it is high in cheese and saturated fats. You can make red sauce in olive oil and still make a yummy dish.

  5. If cheese is what you want, then go for healthier cheese, such as cheddar and parmesan.

  6. Always use olive oil for making pasta and use it in a small quantity.

  7. Eat small portions at a time and that will help you maintain the calories intake while letting you enjoy your favourite food.

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