Bank employees to go on a strike by May end if wage revision not implemented

More than 10 lakh bank employees across India are gearing up to go on a strike if the Indian Bank Associations (IBA) does not accept their demands. The employees plan to go on a two-day strike by the end of May. Both public and private bank employees will be part of the strike.

The employees have asked the Finance Ministry to intervene to make sure an offer is made to suit them.

In the last 10th Bipartite Wage Settlement, IBA had agreed for a hike of 15% over the total wage bill. This was made effective from 1 November in 2012. The government asked IBA to continue with the wage revision settlement before 1 November, 2017. But IBA has been delaying the process. The wage revision of bank employees is due from November 2017.

The employees say that the genuine demands of bank employees are not given any importance. A wage revision talk was held by the United Forum of Bank Unions (UFBU) on Saturday at Mumbai. But after the talks failed, the workers decided to go on a strike until their demands are met.

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