Mumbai animal rights activists see red over deployment of partially blind dog at busy station

The sight of Marshal, a partially blind dog, on guard duty at the busy Versova metro station in Mumbai has animal rights groups up in arms.

Marshal has a catarct in his left eye and has to work round the clock.

Animal Welfare Officer (AWO) Bimlesh Navani first spotted Marshal at the metro station. He realized that the dog was unwell and poorly looked after. He was being given minimal care by the officers who largely ignored him.

Navani told the Mumbai Police about the dog's poor health. He also informed the private security company that owns the dog.

The company has promised to take Marshal to the Bombay Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animal (BSPCA) for treatment and care.

If steps are not taken to help Marshal, activists plan to file a police complaint.

Many unhealthy and old dogs are put in malls, railway stations, and other places for security purposes. Most of the times, these dogs are unfit to become security dogs.

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