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Wearable mouse helps persons with disabilities control electronics without using hands

Common, everyday things like dialing, texting, emailing, or chatting online, are big challenges for people with disabilities. There are millions of people who cannot enjoy smart devices because of their disabilities.

A new device called Glasshouse, which is a wearable mouse with Bluetooth support, can help them access those devices.

Glasshouse is designed in such a way that it looks like a pair of glasses without lenses. There is a sensor built in its frame that tracks the user's head movements. Attached to its body is a cylindrical instrument that works like the click of a mouse.

The device is very light so it can be worn on the head for a long time. There is a hand-controlled mouse that supports biting for clicking.

The Bluetooth mouse tracks head movements to judge where users want to place the cursor, so there is no need to use arms or hands. When the head is placed at the centre, the cursor is at the middle of the screen. Moving the head laterally directs the mouse either to the left or right.

The mouse can be paired with anything that is Bluetooth-enabled, including Android phones, tablets, TVs, and Windows.

The inventor has launched a campaign to make the device accessible to more people.

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