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Microsoft commits $25 million for developing assistive technologies

May 8, 2018

Technology company Microsoft has announced that it plans to invest US$25 million for improving accessibility for people with disabilities.

This is part of the company's ongoing initiative to make technology accessible and easy to use for disabled people.

The funding will be used over the five-year Artificial Intelligence for Accessibility project of Microsoft.

Microsoft says that at present only one out of 10 disabled people across the world gets access to assistive technologies and products.

The company wants to dramatically increase this number so that more people get the benefit of advanced technology to lead a better life.

As part of the five-year-plan, Microsoft will give funds to developers, universities, inventors, and NGOs that are involved in the creation and development of assistive technologies.

Microsoft also plans to help projects that have higher chances of being useful for disabled people and finance them. It will ask in-house experts to evaluate the products.

Microsoft will also work internally on making its own products more disabled friendly as well.

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella has often spoken about the commitment of the company towards accessibility and he supports this at a personal level too.

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