Exposure to constant honking noise leads to hearing loss, says doctors

A group of doctors from Kochi in Kerala revealed that people who are prone to high-intensity vehicle horns will have hearing impairments. The doctors said that people who drive their vehicles only for a couple of hours on a main road can also have hearing impairment.

Dr V D Pradeep Kumar is an ENT surgeon at the Indian Medical Association. Kumar says that bus and auto drivers are the ones who are most affected by honking. Most of them are on the road for more than 12 hours every day. They are constantly exposed to a lot of noise that comes from their own vehicle, and from vehicles around them.

According to Kumar, the hair cells in cochlea get damaged when exposed to a lot of noise. Cochlea acts as sensory receptors for auditory signals. Hence, staying away from extreme loud noises is important for one’s health.

Dr Mohammed Shafi is an ENT specialist from Kochi. Shafi said that hearing loss can be temporary or permanent. When people are exposed to loud noises, it can lead to permanent hearing loss.

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