Retinal diseases to become more common in India, according to experts

At an annual conference on retina surgery held in Chennai recently, experts voiced concerns that retina-related problems are on the rise in India.

Such problems can lead to blindness in a person.

The annual conference on retina surgery was named Reticon, and was organized by Dr Agarwal’s Eye Hospitals in Chennai. Doctors from this hospital say they have completed over 600 retinal surgeries in India and abroad.

However, the worry is that India has few retinal ophthalmology experts. Retinal eye problems make up 4.7% of the total blind cases in India. As they grow in number, the lack of experts will be severely felt.

Given the latest technologies and advancement, treatment will get better and more affordable.

The conference helped students and general ophthalmologists understand state-of-the-art diagnostics and treatment options that are available in vitreo-retinal specialty.

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