Thunderstorms likely to hit North India. Here are the do's and dont's in this weather.

North India has been witnessing extreme weather conditions since the last one week. Rajasthan and Uttar Pradesh are worst affected. The intense dry winds and occasional thunderstorms have created havoc in both the states. The Indian Meteorological Department has issued warnings to more than 20 states across India. They said that many parts of India will witness heavy rains and thunderstorms.

The National Disaster Management Authority has asked people to become alert. They have also issued a few ‘do’s’ and ‘dont’s’ during the storm. Make sure you follow them in order to be safe.

  • Do’s
  • Do not leave sharp objects loose inside the house. Carry out all the repairs that have to be done indoors. An emergency kit is essential. Keep all the basic things needed for survival and safety.
  • Listen to radio and read newspaper to get the latest update on weather.
  • There are chances that some heavy objects that are kept outdoors can blow away in the wind. Keep them safe so that it does not blow away and cause more damage.
  • Remove broken branches of nearby trees. These branches can fall down during extreme weather and cause more danger.
  • Dont’s
  • Stay away from areas that are damaged by the storm.
  • Do not stand near fallen trees of broken electric lines. If you find a broken electric line, report immediately to the nearest electricity station.
  • Do not touch plumbing and metal pipes. Do not use running water.
  • Don’t take shelter under a tree. During extreme weather conditions, trees are very sensitive.
  • Do not stay outdoors or in your home verandas. Always stay indoors.

Following these few tips can save lives. Also, if you spot people in distress, make sure to lend a helping hand. There will be many children, elderly and disabled people who will need your help!

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