Janata Dal Secular party woos senior citizens & disabled people with promises in the Karnataka elections

The political battle for the key state of Karnataka has begun. With elections round the corner on 12 May, political parties are aiming to make their impact in the state. The BJP and Congress parties have already come out with a list of manifestos. Now, the Janata Dal Secular (JDS) party has also joined them.

JDS announced that, if they come into power, they will give a pension of Rs 6,000 every month to pregnant women, senior citizens, widows and disabled people in Karnataka. They also announced that they will waive off agricultural loans within 24 hours of coming to power.

The JDS said promised Rs 2,000 to women family heads. This will be given to women who are 24 years and above living in Karnataka for more than 10 years. These women must be earning below Rs 5,000 every month. Also, the family must have below 4 acres of land to avail this benefit.

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